Time To Stop Reflecting!

I think it's time to stop reflecting so much on the past and go back to looking forward to tomorrow. I don't know what has made me fall back into the past but I put a stop to that a week ago..

Living and going back to the past is not where my future is and not where I can fix things and make them right again. It just doesn't work that way..
I guess I got into that mode since as a mom I always want to fix things for them and try to make their world perfect, life doesn't work like that.

I didn't realize how far back down that road I had fallen until I couldn't even write anymore, anywhere online or offline. That was a shock, writing has in a way of sorts always been my therapy, and it was stifled..

The last week has been one of renewed hope and clarity of mind and looking forward to writing a lot again like I used to..
My sanity and happiness and my kids are depending on me and so am I.

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