Learning To Live A Simpler Life..

So as I am sitting here tonight with a rare glass of wine before bed,
I am thinking back over the past and how far I have actually come in the last 8 years..

It was almost 8 years ago today that my whole world was turned upside down in a matter of minutes..
I had an 8 yr old daughter, 5 yr old son, and a new baby girl 6 months old and I was 33 at the time when my husband who was 43 came home one day after work and said he wanted a divorce, he had met someone else from his office and they were in love..Umm yeah okay..

I was too numb to even think or argue with him, I was tired, and I just let him pack his suitcases and go..Little did I know her was gone for good.
He was an attorney so money was never an issue.
We had a 3500 sq foot house, 2 brand new cars, took trips, had a cabin on the lake, and I never really anted for anything…

And then he was gone, and life was changed overnight, and I stuck to my guns and got what I wanted.. and in the long run it was cheaper for him then what he figured it would be..Since he was a partner in a law firm
I could have dragged his name through the mud but I decided to take the high road and do what I needed for my kids’s sakes.

I got enough child and spousal support to make sure I could stay home until my youngest turns 18 and do side jobs here and there when I can to supplement my income.
It has not been an easy road at all, and there have been many nights when I have cried myself to sleep but it has been worth it for my kids are growing up to be sane well-adjusted human beings.

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